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Prijon SEAYAK 520

Seayak 520 HV is a proper expedition Kayak. At 518 cm, it is a pretty long kayak and a width of 58 cm makes it suitable for medium-larger paddlers. The Seayak boasts an impressive storage volume of 162 Liters, which makes it one of the roomiest kayaks. You can seriously just keep stuffing gear into this kayak and it seems to always hold it and with a capacity of 140 kg, you would be hard pressed to overload it. If you do manage to fill it up, there are plenty of mounting possibilities on the deck to attach additional gear. They are really roomy kayaks and as such, this was my first choice if I was taking my dog for a paddle, or for “Kayak Camping”.

Kayak rental: 1 day -40 Euro

Prijon CRUISER 430

The Cruiser is a stable, safe and easily manoeuvrable kayak, which makes it perfect for recreation and lowland tourism. Spacious luggage hatch in the stern, plenty of room in the bow and deckline in front of the cockpit allow you to pack the trip essentials. A huge cockpit that makes it easy to go on and off is another advantage of the Cruiser appreciated by both a child and an adult kayaker.

Kayak rental: 1 day -30 Euro


Cruiser is a stable and safe double kayak, intended for recreation and tourism. A compact shape, spacious cockpits and comfortable seats with adjustable backrests make every demanding user appreciate the equipment. The kayak is highly manoeuvrable so that you can take full advantage of its capabilities on winding rivers, also if you are a beginner. The kayak is usually equipped with a luggage hatch in the stern and two decklines. Add to it some space in the bow and you have enough cargo space for a few days’ rafting in the wild.

Kayak rental: 1 day -40 Euro


Poseidon has been for many years the favorite touring kayak of many people in Europe for open space crossing and coastal exploration. This kayak is comfortable, stable and of course, very durable. According Prijon the HTP material, they use, is the most durable material for kayaks in the world.

Kayak rental: 1 day -50 Euro